To the north

To the north – Doc

When 8 year olds Samaa from Syria and Iris from Albania are placed in the same refugee camp in the south of Sweden, they become best friends. Together they try to find their way in a new country full of questions. Soon they learn that they are treated differently because of their nationalities, and while Samaa longs for her absent father, Iris worries about her parents finding jobs. At the same time they play with barbie dolls and talk about annoying boys. They celebrate
their first Swedish Lucia and Christmas and fill the cold winter landscape with the warmth of hopes and dreams. But all of a sudden Samaa is moved to the other side of the country and the girls have to continue their journey in separate ways.

To the North is a coming of age story about finding your place in society. Told by the children themselves the film gives an intimate view of what it really is like to grow up while being torn between different cultures.

Production facts

Directed by: Jasmijn Kooijman

Producer:: Mónica Hernández Rejón

Music: Nils Bucher & Mahan Mobashery

| To the north | 2025 | 92 min | English, Swedish |