In the Ugandan salt lake town of Katwe, the factory has stood deserted for the past 40 years while the politicians promise to free the community from poverty. A mosaic of characters gives us insight into the salt workers’ historical plights.

Election promises turn into hearsay, and it’s an open secret that the salt lake revenues disappear through middlemen with deep pockets. The corruption permeates everyday life in Katwe and political blackmail exists side by side with deep religiosity and rumors of witchcraft.

In the foreground to the local politics we meet Abooki among others. She provides for her three daughters through her work in the salt lake. The economic crisis makes her everyday life a daily struggle, as all her living expenses are measured in the amount of salt she needs to break and sell.

A day in the salt lake

Production Facts

Director: Nima Shirali

Editor: Joanna Montero

Story consultant: Alexandra Strauss

Producer: Patrik Öberg

Executive Producer: Mónica Hernández Rejón

Co- producer: Meme Kagga

Cinematographers: Simon Stanford, Kristoffer Klarén & Simon Forsberg

Katwe | 2024 | 90 min | English, Lutoro | English subtitle