Kärleksinvandrarna – Doc

The Love Immigrants is a short documentary film that reflects on the love and conflicts of three intercultural couples in Sweden. Inspired by our own migration histories, we focus on the challenges that women and transgender people from Latin America have to face when moving to Sweden because of love.

Our goal is to make visible the complexity and diversity implied on having a love relationship when being an immigrant in a country that, despite being known for having an open and progressive society, still has strong power structures that create cultural or ethnic or imbalances within intercultural couples.

Production facts

Directed by
Mónica Hernández Rejón & Debora Vega

Produced by
Mónica Hernández Rejón & Debora Vega

Camera by
Kalle Jansson

Edited by
Kalle Jansson, Mónica Hernández Rejón & Debora Vega

Music by
Nils Bucher, Mahan Mobashery & Leo Goldmann

Kalle Jansson, Debora Vega & Dave Muñoz

Produced by Pråmfilm

Kärleksinvandrarna | 2019 | 18:35 min | HD | 16:9 | Spanish & Swedish | Spanish & English subtitles |