Selam Sessions S04

Selam Sessions S04

MASAKA Trio ft. Esther Kirabo

The marriage between fifties and sixties jazz to sixties and seventies soul, Masaka Trio was born as an outfit to accompany rapper Jason “Timbuktu” Diakaté during those pressure cooker years that held the world hostage during the Covid-pandemic. Could be the best byproduct of said pandemic; rarely are we blessed with such a tight unit musically. Esther Kirabo’s soulful vocals bless the bass of Mats Sandahl, Moussa Fadera’s drums and Leo Lindberg’s keys in ways that make the stone hearted believe in miracles.

Rostam Mirlashari

Rostam Mirlashari is a one man institution of mythical proportions, responsible for keeping a regretfully largely unknown musical tradition of Baluchistani music not only alive and thriving in and beyond Sweden. A mixture of traditional melodies and modern instrumentation and arrangements. He’s toured both locally and internationally with the groups Golbang, Shohaz and Padik and as a soloist, yet we hope many will get their first exposure from this highly skilled musician. Last year saw the release of what we see as his long overdue solo debut album, hopefully this session will prompt more albums to come soon!


Newcomers and yet veteran rockers SASA come across with a ridiculously infectious sound and attitude. Safoura, hailing from the World pop band Abjeez (Persian for “sister”) she had with her sister Melody belts out powerful rock lyrics in Persian, Swedish, English and Spanish, and hopefully that’s a hint of how eager the band is to conquer the world musically. With a no nonsense setting of bass guitar, drums, piano and guitar, this is world rock going straight for the jugular with no prisoners taken…

Miriam Aïda

Miriam Aïda is the living hub of a musical creative collective of equals dedicated to all music Brazilian, Jazzy, and very much in the African traditions. With more than two decades spent on the road, on the scenes and the studios – a dozen albums so far and another on the way – they are still criminally underrated in terms of recognition. Hailing from Malmö, this crew have effortlessly weaved in the influences of the greats from Brazil and beyond – Bob Marley, Beyonce, Nina Simone, Silvio Rodriguez, Gilberto Gil to name a few – into their music. Watch them cook up some magic here!

Kalle Jansson – Pråmfilm

Julio Chichelnitzky & Johan Egerbladh Eurenius

Iñaki Marconi

Julyssa Diaz

Jarkko Heiniö

Tresmultimedia & Senay Mekkonen

Stureparken Studio