Love immigrants (Kärleksinvandrarna) is a documentary film that reflects on what it means to move to Sweden because of love. Inspired by our own migration processes, we want to explora the challenges and new spaces created within different intercultural couples in contemporary Sweden. We want to open a discussion about the complexity and diversity of immigrants. We want to question existing prejudices and ideas about what it means to move to Sweden with a Swedish partner, as well as to visualize the power structures that create imbalances in different intercultural couples.



Production facts

Directed by
Mónica Hernández Rejón and Debhora Vega

Produced by
Mónica Hernández Rejón

Cinematography by
Kalle Jansson

Edited by
Kalle Jansson and Debhora Vega

Music by
Nils Bucher

Produced by Pråmfilm

Kärleksinvandrarna | 2017/2018 | 28 min | Spanish, Swedish, other | Swedish, English, subtitles |



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