Little Escapes

Serving german food in the Arizona desert, selling lingerie in Havana or designing cake sculptures for the rich and famous in New York: In the reportage series Kleine Fluchten ( Little Escapes ) for the german television program ZDF Mona Lisa we portray germans who migrated to other countries to build new lives with unusual ideas.


Watch some of the episodes here:

German Specialties on Route 66  

USA | 6 min | Aired 10.06.2017 | German


Sexy lingerie for Cuban women  

Kuba | 5 min | Aired: 24.06.2017 | German


The German cake queen of New York

USA | 5 min | Aired: 17.06.2017 | German


Production facts

Written, directed and produced by

Nils Bucher and Yonder Void

Edited by

Yonder Void

Music by
Nils Bucher

Produced for the German television program ZDF Mona Lisa




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